Building the Brick Shyvaload, Page 6
                     (All photos on this page total 76k.  Please be patient!)
Here is how the dagger board fits.  You can also see the upper part of the rudder that the tiller will attach to, not yet painted to match the boat.  The kickup rudder blade is lying on the grass to the left.
Almost done painting...
25 cent rudder gudgeons?
This is a close-up of the rudder attachment.  I used eye-bolts on the stern, and hooks on the rudder.  Because of the angle of the hook opening, I had to twist the eye-bolts slightly to get the hooks onto them, and then twist them back.  The rudder could not come off!  It was a bit noisy, but effective!
I am almost ready to go sailing.  A couple of tests to ensure my sail could be hoisted and lowered, and it all worked fine.
Getting ready to hoist away!
Sail ho!
About this time I started thinking that my spars, ripped 2x2's, might still be a bit heavy for the mast.  I had one more for the bottom of the sail.
If you look closely under that mess of rope, you can see how the lower spar (maybe the boom, in this case...) is attached.  I simply bent a section of mild 1/8" steel, one inch wide, into a "U" shape and bolted it to the lower spar.  With only one bolt holding it it can swivel to whatever angle is needed.
Not another close-up!?!

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