Manual Analog Positioning System
(whatelse were you thinking?)

I made a map holder from a 4x6 5x10 inch clipboard.  A full size one is too big.  It is attached to a RAM Ball on my handlebars with a long arm RAM Mount.  Originally I put the RAM Ball on the back of the clipboard in the center widthwise, and just below the clip.

I put the map in a plastic bag for weather protection (reinforce the end of the bag under the clip with a layer or two of clear shipping tape to protect it against the edge and corners of the clip).  A large Ziplock bag works good.  This is a Tilley underwear bag.  The perfect size!

You can keep notes on the bag in grease pencil.

(Ignore the bubble compass.  It didn't work.)


I moved the RAM Ball for the clipboard in the corner (lower right in this photo) on the back.

It can be used vertically or horizontally, and with the RAM Ball in the corner it raises the clipboard closer to your line of sight when horizontal (and it doesn't block the dash instruments), and lets you adjust it better to see your mirror when vertical.

 I use paper clips or a rubberband to hold the bottom of the bag in the wind.  A cheap LED nightlight/book light lilluminates most of the map, but the thin flex neck lets it vibrate too much.  For this year I plan to attach a MiniMaglite with a red lens.

This is the back of the clipboard with the RAM Ball in the corner.  You can see the original mounting holes.  It worked well mounted in the center, but the corner works much better.

This is with the long (5"?) RAM Arm in place.  I am not going to explain the RAM system here...

For this year I think I will paint the clipboard.

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