The 3 - 6 August, 1999 Trip

4 August, 1999
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On the Fourth of August, 1999, I headed South to Broadus, MT, and the Powder River County Courthouse.
Broadus has a brand new rest area south of town.  There I learned that the Division raised in the area for the U.S. Army in WWI had a battle cry that mystified friends and foes alike..."Powder River, Let 'er Rip!"
A long drive across South East Montana brought me past the Little Big Horn Battle Field to the Big Horn County Courthouse in Hardin, MT.
Then I am off to the big (for Montana) city of Billings, where the Yellowstone County Courthouse is.  This is a big (seven floors?) courthouse, and I was only able to get the front door.  You can read the name on the wall above the bike.
Down the road from Billings is Columbus, the county seat of Stillwater County.  Columbus is at the north end of the closest road in Montana to the winding, non-Alpine roads I rode when I was stationed in Germany, State Route 78.  Right down to the farm fresh aroma!  At the other end I was meeting my wife in Red Lodge for a day of rest while both our girls were away in Scout Camps.

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