The 10 July, 1999 Trip

Meagher, Broadwater and Lewis & Clark Counties!

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The 10th of July, 1999, brought a free day, sunny and clear.  The family were off somewhere and I had myself a roadtrip!
East of Great Falls 20 miles on US 89 is Belt.  The scenery up until now is not much, except the Little Belt Mountains approaching from the East.  But south of Belt on US 89, it quickly becomes a fun, winding mountain road through the forest and old mining towns.  My mother has commented about vactioning in Neihart as a child!
Passing out of the forest south of Kings Hill Pass (ele: 7393), I was again in a high plains area, just a one higher than Great Falls!  I soon came to White Sulpher Springs, Montana, the county seat of Meagher (say "Mar") County.
It was hot.  Dad gave me a Misty Mate misting spray bottle for an on-bike air conditioner, and it works fine!  The run down Deep Creek from White Sulpher Springs on US 12 West is gorgeous, dropping a couple of thousand feet in 20 miles.  It is another winding forested mountain road, and one of my Dad's favorites!  I soon arrived in Broadwater County, Townsend, Montana.
It is a hot, dry 32 miles from Townsend to the State Capital of Helena, in Lewis and Clark County, Montana.  Helena was and is built on gold.  First found in the mid-1800's, in May 2000 there was gold found in the basement excavation for a church!  Tests are underway to see if it is enough to mine before building.  This is a regular occurrence in Helena.
Another 89 miles of Interstate 15 North, roughly following the Missouri River, finds me back in Great Falls.  It is another great day in /\/\onTana!

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