October 19th, 2002
A sunny and cool day!

Silver Bow and Jefferson Counties, /\/\onTana!
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After another year of other commitments (I got to go to Alaska for Hyderseek 2002!!!) I finally got back on the road to bag two of the last three County Seats.  My daughter Kirsten and I left at 9:00 am, after the road had thawed out a bit!
Our first stop was...Helena for coffee...After that it was on to Silver Bow County, Butte, MT.  Note the copper around the doors. 

Butte used to have a mountain of copper.  Now there is just a VERY big pit!

The Courthouse for Silver Bow County is a National Landmark now.
Here are the two of use riding down the road, sunny but cool.  This is a self portrait and a half.
This is the courthouse in Dillon, MT, for Beaverhead County.  Dillon is a neat old town, where every third business seem to be a bar!
Lunch at last, and not in a bar!  This is also the manditory ET stop.  We phoned home.  The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Monterey Cheddar bread is excellent!
Here are a few of the scenes we rode through on our trip.  This is Southwestern Montana in Fall.  The river in the bottom two photos is the Beaverhead.  Lewis and Clark came through here.  Now it is the Cutbank, Montana, Wolves! 

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