The 56 County Tour Returns!
After a year's absence (didn't someone say this was a project of just a few weekends?) the infamous 56 County Tour returns.

This page covers Lake County, Polson, MT, on and about 12 May 01.

If you click on a photo, except the goats,
you will see the full size photo.

We traveled over Marias Pass on US HWY 2 on Friday the 11th Day of May, 2001, to pick up my Aspencade from Leland's Honda in Kalispell, MT.  Last summer I suffered a Stator meltdown in New Hampshire, which effectively ended my motorcycle travels for the year.

On the way over we saw mountain goats that were eating salt at Goat Lick in Glacier National Park, just west of the pass.

Here is my 1984 GL1200 GoldWing Aspencade, with a new stator and lots of voltage.  It was running terribly, however, and needed carborator work.  My mechanic suggested trying a few bottles of fuel injector cleaner to try to clear things out before getting a $$$carb rebuild$$$.  It worked!
On the way home on Saturday the 12th of May I drove through Polson, the county seat for Lake County.  It lies at the south end of Flathead Lake, which as I recall is the largest natural body of fresh water in the U.S. west of the Mississippi river!
For some reason we always stop in Missoula at the mall...
As part of the Presidential Tour I had to stop in Clinton, MT, for a photo. 
We also got to see a plane-train.  It is something just a bit different.
At Clearwater Junction on MT 200 my number one daughter and I stopped for a quick break.
 Here I am on the western edge of Lincoln, MT.
Home at last! 

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