The 23 October, 1999 Trip

Teton, Glacier, Toole, and Pondera Counties!

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On the 23rd of October, 1999, my eldest daughter Kirsten and I took her first "long" motorcycle ride (I promised she could go on one when she was 12...).  It was only a couple of hundred miles, but lots of fun! 
After passing several elk and camels (Really!) in Fairfield, MT, we arrived in Choteau, the county seat of Teton County.
The day was crisp and clear.  As we approached Cut Bank, Glacier County, Montana, we even passed buffalo and model airplanes!
I had forgotten that it is hard to shoot photos into the sun with a pocket camera.  We were happy to have the sun, though, and a late season trip, despite what trouble it caused the camera.  This is Toole County, Shelby, Montana.
Pondera (pond-e-ray) County, Conrad, Montana, even had leaf-filled Jack-O-Lanterns on the step.  It was simply a great trip.  I hope Kirsten will come on more.

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