Every year in August somes Argust Day, where dedicated Argus camera collectors all over the world take their antique wonders out and see the world through an Argus! 

Here are my good, and maybe not so good, 2006 Argust 6th Day photos, taken with an Argus C4 and Kodak 200 ASA color print film.  The daytime photos were about 1/300 of a second at f11-f16, and the sunset shots were about 1/50 and f8.


All photos were taken on Argust 6th, 2006, in Great Falls, /\/\onTana! and are copyright C.L.Barrow, 2006

The first two are ones I submitted to the Argust 6th Day exhibit at: http://www.surprenantphoto.com/argust6.html
You can see the work of a lot of other Argus fanatics there.

The rest are some of the others I took.

The front wheel on a piece of old farm equipment.

Flowers and a watertower. 

  Highland Cemetery.

  Highland Cemetery. 
Sunset in Great Falls, /\/\onTana!

Sunset and watertower in Great Falls, /\/\onTana!

Part of an old piece of farm equipment in a field, and me.

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