This was taken just after sunrise on the third of Argust, outside of Great Falls, Montana.  It was my first roll through an Argus Carefree Pocket 110.  After chasing the photo lab for the better part of two weeks in Denver, I got the prints back with a notice my film (Kodak 400) had gotten too hot.  


I think it wasn't that so much as the sky was filled with smoke from the forest fires to the west, that are still going on.  The big one at the time was the one in Glacier Nat'l Park, prime shootin' grounds for Argii-o-philes, forest fire or no forest fire!  I never did see more than a slight brightening in the sky where the sun was.

This was taken on an Argus C4.  As usual 35mm is a little sharper than 110 film!  I think this was at 1/100 and F4 to f5.6, on 400 ASA Kodak.


Sunset outside of Buffalo, Wyoming.  This was also taken at about 1/100 and f4 to f5.6, on 400 ASA Kodak.  The actual print shows the weeds in the foreground very clearly.  I haven't gotten them to scan well yet.

I played a little with both photos after they were scanned.  Mainly I brightened and sharpened the 110 photo.  It needed it!  I also eliminated a couple of artifacts the lab put on the prints.

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