My Argus C4 Photos

After I finally got my Argus C4 shutter working, I took a test roll of Kodacolor 200.  I didn't record
the settings, but it was mostly f5.6 to f22, and 1/50 second to 1/300 second.  I used my trusty
Gossen Scout lightmeter to set exposures.  It all seems to work good.

I found the lens to be extremely sharp, far sharper than these scans indicate.  As you can see in the two
detail enlargements, it does resolve pretty good.  This is the small white building at the right
end of the dam.  While the large photos are scanned at 200 dpi, I have constrained the size of the
image on the webpage.  If you right click on each photo you can save it at full size.  The Missouri River Mountains
photo makes a nice wallpaper for up to 1024x768.

Black Eagle Dam, Great Falls, MT at 200 dpi scan
Black Eagle Dam detail at 1200 dpi scan
Black Eagle Dam detail at 2400 dpi scan

Sunday was a really noce day so I took my daughter kite flying.  There was quite enough wind
(it may the first time those words have ever been said about Great Falls) to fly them.
The first phot makes an interesting example of perspective, just like we learned in 6th grade art class!
In the second photo you can see the girl farthest away in the first photo is taller than closer girl.

Kite Flying Perspective
Two Girls with Kites

I had to go to Helena, our state capital, for work on Friday.  Coming back it was snowy down on the Missouri River.

Missouri River Mountains in Snow
Missouri River Water
Missouri River Rocks

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