Building the Brick Shyvaload, Page 1
         (All photos on this page total 209k.  Please be patient!)
You have to start somewhere.  After reading Boats With an Open Mind by Philip C. Bolger, I decided the Brick was a good yet simple proof of concept (that I could build and finish a boat).  It isn't, yet is, elegant.  This is truly the most boat you can build from three sheets (or less) of plywood.  This is Thanksgiving weekend, 1998. Step one, putting a board on saw horses!
Drawing the rocker! A close-up of the lines drawn to make the rocker, or curve, of the bottom.  This end is the bow.  It can be a bit confusing if you aren't familiar with Bolger Boxes.  One of them (the Loose Moose II) has sailed across the Atlantic!
On the Brick, the framing is on the outside of the boat.  Here are the two sides, back to back, with the framing along the rocker.  This is the stern view, by the way. Framing in the rocker.
A closeup of the framing done right. This is a close-up of the framing done correctly. Three of the lines from above are shown.  The two sides are laid back to back and the wood strips are glued at the same time.  This is mainly because I didn't have enough clamps.
This is the bow view.  I messed up the width of the framing strips.  Live and learn...I figured it would float if they even or not! A close-up of framing done not...quite...right.
There are more picture of the time from November 1998 until the next picture in December 1998.  These include assembling the sides and ends, putting on the corner brackets (the triangle pieces of wood on each corner of the sides), the bottom and a few miscellaneous other things.  I just don't know where they are.  When and if they show up, I will post them.
Alternate uses for a wooden boat. After the Christmas break in 1998, my brick got well used... as a shelf.  Hey, space was tight!  The bow is on the right in this photo.  As you can see, it is literally a 4x8 boat.
Not much happened for the next year or so.  The following page is in the Spring of 2000.  I was starting to get anxious to try sailing this strange little craft!

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