Building the Brick Shyvaload, Page 2
         (All photos on this page total 138k.  Please be patient!)

I found some oak moulding on sale, cheap.  Actually, the whole boat is cheap.  I barely broke $100, including the sail (polytarp) and paint (latex barn paint).  I used the moulding in place of the two laminated strips called for in the plans.  They worked well (the glue under one of them didn't fair quite as well). Putting on the skids...
Number 1 girl working on the primer coat. This is my eldest daughter, Kirsten.  She is helping put the primer on.  The seams have just been caulked, as well as along the skids.  They help stiffen, as well as protect, the bottom, but I think 3/8" plywood would be better for stiffening.
Here she is painting the framing back to the stern Same girl.  Same boat.
A view from the stern. What are you looking under here for?  A prize or something?

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