The mighty Kantos Kan!
1973 Honda CB750K3 (1978 - 1981)

The mighty Kantos Kan undergoing a paint job on his new JC Whitney fairing.  This is in the Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Court, Bozeman, Montana.~1979

The short pipes were on it when I got it, and were a bit loud.  It also had a 15 inch rear wheel I was able to trade for an 18 inch.  The saddle bags are also JC Whitney, and when viewed from the top are shaped like a keyhole, to fit a helmet, I guess.  Even my Nava was a tight fit. 
~ 1979
Here its the full photo.  This is Eastern Washington State, on the way back from my brother's wedding.

Here he is in Winter Gear.  I only stopped riding for two weeks that winter, when it was too cold to get him going with the electric starter and the kick start together!  The hand shaped lowers are made from roofing tin and worked very well.  Bozeman, Montana
~1979 - 1980
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