1975 Honda GL1000 GoldWing (1989 - 1998)
~Dejah T2~
This is Dejah T2 dressed for my first 56 County Tour ride.  Eclipse removable saddlebags, an Eclipse Tank Bag (bought in 1982 and still going strong, it just won't fit on my GL1200!) from the original Dejah Thoris, a red Vetter Windjammer fairing, and a large red trunk my Dad got off of a 1981 GL1100 he had for a short while.  Dejah T2 was a cruisin' machine. ~24 Aug 97

This is on the way to Dawson Creek,
BC, Canada, Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway.

As you can see I always seem
to expand what I take to fit all 
possible luggage space...
~Jul 92

This is in Peter Loughheed Provincal Park, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Dad, in the middle with the '89 Wing, and Dewey on the right
with the '77 Wing, went all the way to Alaska.  I could only go
as far as Dawson Creek. ~Jul 92

Breakfast in Canmore, Alberta. ~Jul 92

Pine Pass, north of Prince George, BC.
There is a great cafe there, with huge rolls at a good price.
At least there was in 1992.  I am going back this June. ~Jul 92
Ten years later...

I returned to Pine Pass on the 3rd of June, 2002, on my way home from Hyderseek 2002, in Hyder, Alaska.  The Lodge (I still don't know the name for sure) seems to have fallen on hard times.  It wasn't open, it looked like some remodeling was going on, and there was a For Sale sign on the front of the building.

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