1995 Honda GoldWing GL1500SE (June 2003 - present)
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Photos on this page taken in 2003 by the author!  Canon Powershot A70 Digital Camera.
This is my new 1995 20th Anniversary GL1500SE.  At only 13K miles, this one isn't even broken in yet!  She should last me many, many miles and years.

This is near Highwood, Montana.  Just a couple of shots to show her off.

This is me with my Dad.  He has found three of my last four GoldWings...the ones that ran...from left to right: GL1500, my old 84 GL1200 and Dad's new 84 GL1200.

I don't think my wife likes Dad to call anymore... 


OK, the fur balls in front of the bikes above are Dad's two new cocker puppies, Rosie and Rusty.  Rosie is the female, just so you can tell them apart!
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