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~Dejah Thoris~
I got Dejah Thoris "new" (she was a trade-in with 600 miles on her) in July of 1981, while on the way to Fort Bliss, Texas, for Office Basic Course, Air Defense Artillery, U.S. Army.  I was on the last U.S. Officer crew to fire a Nike Hercules missile in training.  She accompanied me to Monterey, California, for Language School, and then spent almost three years wandering around parts of Germany and Switzerland, before coming home to America.  She crossed the country and the Atlantic Ocean twice (once each way) and wandered around the West from North to South and back again many times.  She is, to the best of my knowledge, the only motorcycle my Grandmother was ever on, unless Dad talked her into riding his Harley before he married her daughter.

This is Gramma and me in Wibaux, Montana, in July 1981.  I had some Arthur Fulmer hard luggage  (saddlebags and a trunk) off the bike being welded.  My Nava helmet, perhaps the first one in Montana, was later removed from the helmet lock in El Paso, TX, by way of a razor blade.

Gramma wouldn't let me drive
by the town newspaper's office...

This lovely head-on view shows my Pacifico Aero fairing in lovely primer grey, as well as my heavy duty rain boots.  I was headed to Bremerton, Washington, to live, after all!

They were never needed in 8 months, from July 1988 to February 1989.

This is the end of June, 1988.

My niece Mariah, The Wind, checking out the scooter, 
before Uncle Curtis goes to Washington.
~Jun 88

Somewhere in western Montana, June 1988.
~Jun 88

Still Montana. ~Jun 88

In 1988 forest fires consumed much of Yellowstone National Park.
That did not stop the Rider Rally in Cody, WY, from happening!
This is in Yellowstone enroute.

This is on the eastern edge of the Columbia River Gorge, near George, Washington. ~Jun 88

Port Gamble, north of Bremerton, Washington, in late summer 1988.

Here is another classic, a 1979 Suzuki GS550.  It belongs to
my friend Keith, formerly of Bozeman, Montana. ~Jul 88
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