Yamaha 50 c.c.
When I was really little...1962?...63?...64?...
When I was very little we lived in Missoula, Montana, up Rattlesnake Canyon.  We had two of these little Yamaha 50cc two strokes.  They had two sprockets on the back wheel: one for street use and one for the dirt. 
This bike, with me at the helm, had a homemade winter leg shield.  I remember Dad put a ski on the front one time and my brother and I went ski jorring.  We had our downhill skis on and a tow rope.  It worked so-so...maybe if we'd had more snow and ran in a field rather than along the roadsides...

Honda Trailmaster 80 c.c. ?
When I was a bit bigger...1970?
This is very close to the Trailmaster 80 we had.

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