1972 Yamaha R5 350 ~ Velma (1977 - present)
(Named for a departed friend, who just happened to own a ski area!)

In 1976 I rode this bike from Whitefish, Montana, to Quebec, Canada, to Huntington, Tennessee, and back home.  7500 miles in 34 days, one new piston, one new set of sprokets, one new chain, and a new set of spokes for the back wheel.  $125 for gas and oil, and I got 74 MPG on one tank!  It was my High School graduation trip.  My hands are still buzzing, and I would leave again tomorrow!

Dad actually gave me her to me for my birthday in 1977.  I rode her for two years at college (Montana State University).  This is looking up the valley towards Bozeman.

One of the numerous trips Dad and I made, mainly into Canada to visit relatives.  The briefcase between the spare tire and the sleeping bag was a homemade camera case.  It disappeared during a college move, along with Grampa Breitenfeldt's Argus C3 camera.

Looks like the same trip; this is the Salmo-Creston Highway in south-eastern BC (north of Idaho).  Besides the spectacular scenery, I always loved the 105mm gun implacement towers.  They use them to shoot the snow to prevent avalanches in the winter.

2 June, 1976.  The day after I graduated from high school.  I was headed to the East Coast!
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