2003 Montana Polar Bear Run
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On an unusual January day in /\/\onTana (the 7th, record tying 60F!) I took my own Polar Bear Run.  It was fantastic!  This was about 4:45 MST.

As you leave Great Falls eastward on US 87/89 (at the east end of 10th Avenue South) the town...ends.  You can't miss it.  Four miles from the end of town turn left onto MT 228 towards Highwood.

Be sure to wave to the other bikers!
They tend to wave back in /\/\onTana!

The Panorama!
Note about panoramas!

This is looking back towards Great Falls from about 15 miles from town.
The air was warm, the sunlight golden...

Looking east towards the Highwood Mountains.
The clouds were even wispy!

Just keep on truckin' down the road, into the sunse...ummm. this is going east, so I guess it is out of the sunset?  At any rate, 14 miles down the road turn left for Highwood.  Be careful.  This is the only bad part of the road, with gravel spots and subsiding pavement.  Total length of bad road: 125 yards, split into many parts.

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