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My Summer of 2000
Me and my best friend Julie

           I am back and better than ever.  I am now 13 years old and attending Middle School.  7th Grade is very challenging!  I like to play basketball and volleyball, which I just started to play.  That was very exciting.  I am in Pre-Algebra and advanced 7th grade English.  I am also in the school concert band and taking Spanish.  That is challenging!  I have a great group of friends.

            My favorite radio station is K99.  It plays music from the 70's, 80's, and Today.  I also like listening to NSYNC, The Standards, 98degrees, BackStreetBoys (BSB), Mandy Moore, Brittany Spears, LFO, and Youngstown.  I think everyone knows who everyone is except for The Standards.

        The Standards are an A Capella group. They are five brothers from Idaho Falls.  They are very remarkable.  They came to Great Falls in Novemberof 1999.  If they had not of come to my school, I would have no clue who they were. I am also totally crazy about NSYNC.  My favorite song is Music of the Heart.  It is such a great song.

              I am still active in Girl Scouts.  I am a Cadette now.  It is very fun, because there are girls from about 5 different schools in our troop.  I still enjoy going to camps.  The summer of '99 I went to a Mountain Biking camp and Sailing camp.  This summer I plan to go to the second part of the Sailing camp.

        My family and I still like to travel.  I have been to Niagara Falls twice!One of the most beautiful places we have been to was Vancouver Island in the summer of '98.  We went whale watching and saw some Killer Whales.  That was really exciting because one swam right under the boat.  I still like traveling up to Kalispell, MT, to visit family.  My Oma lives in Trail, B.C., Canada, and my Nana  and Grandpa Bill live in London, Ontario, Canada.  My Aunt Lauree and family live back east now in Gaithersburg, MD.

     Well, You have just read my whole webpage, designed and made all by me this time.  Am I a computer nerd or what? 13 and I already know how to make a webpage by myself.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  You can visit the rest of my family's site or start exploring on the websites I have posted on the pictures. 

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         K99 Radio Station

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