This is me Kirsten, or as some of you
know me, Ducky.
This is me on my back deck in May 2000.  I am 13-years-old in this pic.  I have my contacts finally.  This was taken on an Olympus OM-G that is brand new to my family.  I will get to use it this summer, along with video taping our family trip back east to Ontario.
This is me supporting my future high school, Great Falls High, home of the mighty bison!  I will start high school fall of 2001 and will graduate spring 2005.
This was taken by one of my friends, Sarah Kelly, or as we like to call her, Skelly.  I am in my 7th Grade Pre-Algebra class spring 2000.  Dang that was a hard class.
Ok, this pic was taken the same day as the one above it, but it was taken by Maggie Marerro.  All these pics were before I cut my hair 5 inches!! and before school got out. 

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