Mom's photos, page 8
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Mom's Birthday Visit, 2003, pt.2
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After the feast come the presents!
A close inspection of the big box prior to the grand opening of it!
More Pooh!
Up early for another hard day of garage saleing!

Both the big places...

...and the small!
Can't have a visit to Castlegar without 
a stop at the pet store.
This would look great in anybody's yard!
Your intrepid narrator and photographer 
in his favorite shirt!
"No, Kirsten, they didn't lock up 
your little sister..."
But is there a bit of a resemblance 
to Caitlin's big sister?
"Careful where you waaarrkk!  I just
cleaned up in here..."
"Yup, you're the one who 
tracked in that gum!"
Everyone should have a house 
with a pool on the roof!
Somebody yet to be determined, 
Oma and Deyanne!
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