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Shirley Mae Barrow
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Announcing the passing of our Mom...
Mom's Obituary
The Article from the Missoulian Newspaper
The 2 October, 2004, Memorial Service in Trail, BC, Page 1
Page 2, The Road Home
The 30 October, 2004, Memorial Service in Columbia Falls, /\/\onTana!
The up after Hurricane Oma! (coming soon)
Multiple winner of the BC and Canada Senior Games
Woman's Snooker Gold Medals
Mom's Photo Pages
Scrapbook pages by Leslee Barrow
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
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Kirsten's Oma Collage
~Covering parts of Two Centuries!~
Birthday Girl in 2004! (Page 1) A Visit in 2003! (Page 2)
2003 Homecoming in Great Falls! (Page 3) Easter Visit, 2004! (Page 4)
The Families Visit, July 2004! (Page 5) Early Breitenfeldt and Still Years (Page 6)
Birthday Bash 2003, pt.1 (Page 7) Birthday Bash 2003, pt.2 (Page 8)
Birthday Bash 2003, pt.3 (Page 9) Birthday Bash 2003, pt.4 (Page 10)
On the Way to Hyder! (Page 11) Mom & Family 'Way Back (Page 12)
Oma's Mansion in the Woods! (Page 13) Oma's Big Suprise! (Page 14)

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