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(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Mom's Birthday Visit, 2003, pt.4
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Over looking Castlegar, BC, home of Canadian Tire and Tim Horton's (the local francises), as well as Zukerberg's Island and two Geocaches!
Castlegar, BC

Geocaching Sites ~ someplaces to learn about it!
This next one is where we are headed this day:
A virtual Geocache...find the location and verify what you see is where you think you are!
Geocaching is locating a point on the surface of the earth (using a Global Positioning System, or GPS, locator), where someone has hidden a small box with treasure of some sort.
There are thousands and thousands of Geocaches in the US and Canada, and thousands more around the world!
Getting it all ready to go.
Taking the non-bouncy bridge short cut!
The bouncy bridge!
A neat rock out on the island.
"I think I have found something!"
"I have it!"
"What is in here?"
"A martian clam!"
Our exact location, and a treasure from the cache.  The Kootenay Pirates placed this one.
We placed a small treasure of our own in the box, and replaced it in the hiding spot.
I think this was a grave on 
top of the island...
Mean while, back at the stable, someone has put a face on the birthday cake!
Edward, Caitlin and Kirsten.
Oma's link with cyberspace!
Here she explains how 
it all works...
Just a bird in a house on the 
way home to Great falls...
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