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(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Visiting Mom While Bound for Hyder, 2002
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In May 02 I was headed for Hyder, Alaska, when I stopped in to see Mom.  My brother Dennis and his son Tyra were there for a visit, also.
Once again, it is Mom's birthday!

Oma and Tyra.

Clockwise from about 7 o'clock: Buster, Dennis, Edward, Oma, and Tyra!
Dennis hauls out his big Yamaha 1600cc cruiser, while my 1984 Honda Goldwing 1200 guards the street.
Posing for pictures in front of Oma's house in Trail, BC.
Deyanne and Buster.
Some of the flowers at Deyanne's.
Trail, BC.  Oma's house is down there.  See it?
Oma posing with my Goldwing, before I leave for Hyder, Alaska.
Kitwanga Junction, on the way to Alaska!

Bear Glacier, on the road into Steart, BC, and Hyder, Alaska.  This is an awesome drive!
The US-Canadian border is where the pavement ends.  Hyder is a great little town!
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