Mom's photos, page 12
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Mom & family 'Way Back, the 60's, 70's and 80's
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 Cowboy Curtis riding the 
Rattlesnake Range back in 
good ol' '63...

Dave Huss looking at Charlotte Peak, Bob Marshall Wilderness. 

c. 1975

 Curtis and Dave

c. 1975

A rare backpack tree near the White River, Bob Marshall Wilderness.

c. 1975

Probably 1978 on Big Mountain, Whitefish, /\/\onTana!

Dennis, Oma and Curtis

c. 1977

(When some of us actually had hair!)

Hard at work in Reservations, Big Mountain

c. 1978

Mariah, Oma, Great Gramma, Deyanne, Beverly on May 3rd, 1980

 Emma in the Trailer and Oma with the deer-in-the-headlight look.  Head of Hungry Horse Resevoir, /\/\ontana!


Sean and Dennis
Head of Hungry Horse Resevoir, /\/\ontana!


 Sean, Curtis and Joan in Whitefish


Curtis, Joan, Sean, Dennis, Oma, Whitefish


Oma and Mariah in the daisies

July 1982

Whitefish River from Home.   ~1975

One night in the Bob Marshall.  ~1974
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