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(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Mom's Suprise, 1984
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 In the Spring of 1984 I was serving in the US Army in Germany.  I called home one day and complained to Oma about not having time off and being homesick, and I laid it on thick.  The next day I caught a flight to Toronto where I was picked up by...
...this Canadian Babe I met in Germany.  Two days later we flew into Calgary, where my brother Dennis and his wife Joan picked us up.  They had it set up with Mom's friends at the Log Cabin Bar in Hungry Horse to keep Mom busy there until we arrived.  We were several hours late, and they were running out of ideas.

Sadly, there are no photos of the next event.  Dennis and Joan walked into the Log Cabin Bar and confused Mom.  At that point I walked in.  The suprise was complete.  (Actually I don't know which was a bigger suprise, that I appeared after my setup trans-Atlantic telephone call or that I had a girl on my arm!)  It was the only time I have seen Mom completely speechless!

 This is my Leslee up at Oma's woodland mansion one morning.
Trying to get going.
 Tight quarters, but friendly!
Leslee, Sean and Oma on the patio.
I must have told another funny one!
 Or maybe not...
Getting ready to see the Horse.
 A friendly sort of critter.
Some people are harder to convince than others.
Well, if Dad can touch him...
 Close enough, Dad!
Later, I returned to Ontario to see my girl.  We went it Niagra Falls.
I think this is my all time favorite photo of Leslee.
Together at the Falls.
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