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Description of the D&RGW Booklet

 Darryl E Van Nort ran a website called Rip Track back in the mid-1990's when I arrived on the web. 
There I found The Dome Car, a wonderful reproduction of a 1914 D&RGW railroad sightseeing book.

I can't find Darryl or the Rip Track anymore.  It is too bad, because it was a great place for train fans.  I think
this is too good to lose, so I am posting it hear.  If you know Darryl, have him email me.  Darryl, if you have
a problem over the copyright, let me know.

As time allows I intend to add links to photos of the various areas
seen in this booklet, as they look now (or in the last few years).

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All text and images Copyright 1995 by Darryl Van Nort

Darryl E Van Nort <devanno@mcs.com>

updated 5:11PM 12/16/95