The Dome Car

This section includes images and scenes from along America's rights-of-way. The first selections are a reproduction of a booklet entitled "Rocky Mountain Views." This booklet, manufactured from heavy construction paper-like stock, was available only while riding the Denver & Rio Grande or Western Pacific routes. The images are four-color engravings made from photographs. The copyright date is 1914 (currently, copyrights on such materials expire after 50 years). All the text describing the images was provided on two leafs in the book. The images were each lightly adhered to black album pages within, and the binding consisted of two heavy staples and a red cord. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have. The descriptions (especially of the cities involved) certainly date this piece.

As you read these descriptions, you may wonder "Where is the Grand River?" Rest assured that your maps and your memory aren't shot. The name was changed to the Colorado River after this was published. Additionally, the spelling of canyon is as it was in the book, "canon." It should have a tilde over the first "n," but this was not printed in the original. So Canon City today would be Canyon City.

A special "Thank You" is extended to David Holle of Naperville, Illinois for his finding this booklet in an antique shop in Wilmington, Illinois, and acquiring it so that I could add it to my collection.

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