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My Dad's 1976 GL1000 GoldWing with trailer, in Yellowstone Nat'l Park.
In the background is part of the burned area. ~1988

This is Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1999.  Dad, his 1989 GoldWing and 
his Camp Trailer are on the right.  We are returning from 
Stettler, Alberta, where we rode the steam train!  Lots of fun!
He killed the bike in 2000, while illegally hunting deer on the highway.

Dad on his replacement for his 1989 GL1500, a 1998 Honda 600 Shadow.
It is a nice little cruiser, smooth and easy reving.  I am on Dejah T3, with my
new leather jacket.  It is about time, the old one I got in 1983...
Photo by Caitlin ~ Late Summer 2001

Here is another angle of Dad and his cruiser.  It isn't a GoldWing, but he likes it! ~ Summer 2001

The 500cc Royal Enfield I don't have yet.  This is where the scarf 
and goggles on the previous page come into play...
The 2002 Model, made in India, in classic British Racing Green.
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