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I think this is in 1979.  It is on top of Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana.  My brother Dennis is standing beside Dad's old 1975 Suzuki RE5 rotary engine rocket; Dad is standing behind his 1978(?) Honda CX500.  The beautiful green machine is my 1973 Honda CB750.  More RE5 below!

OK, so it isn't a bike.

It was my first car, however.  A 1980(?) Fiat Panda, known as "eine tolle kiste", or literally, a "great little crate"!  It was.  You could roll up (!!!) the back seat and carry 24 cases of Bitburger beer, in one liter bottles!
~ 1983, 43rd USAAD, Thum, West Germany

Back to the rotary.  This is Dad on his 1975 Suzuki RE5 Wankle Engined Rotary Rocket.  It was a great bike that suffered from teething pains and no support...the model died after two years.  It had a flat power band...it had max power at any RPM.  Here you can see Dad's custom (extra wide) windshield on the rare factory fairing.  Trail, BC, could be in the background.

Here Dad is posing with both his RE5 and my (in a year or two) 1972 Yamaha R5 350.  We did a lot of traveling on these two bikes.  Note the advanced removable "backrest" bag on the
RE5's passenger seat.  Camp Trail's finest! ~ c.1976-1977

(Dad and I used to travel together on the Yamaha with all of our stuff...but we don't know now how we did it!)

Here is a grainy closeup of the RE5.  Bates saddlebags and a trunk, factory fairing.  After Dad got his CX500, he sold this one to my brother Dennis, who was at Fort Lewis, Washington, finishing up his time in the Army (and getting married...his wife got a new Yamaha 650 V-Star in the Fall of 2001).  My stepbrother Doug has it now in Kansas City, and is the envy of all of the classic bikers there!

                     Someone else's  naked 1976 RE5 at the  1987 Rider Rally, Cody, Wyoming.
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