Mom's photos, page 3
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
Mom's October 2003 Homecoming visit to Great Falls and the Charles M. Russell Museum!
Charlie's own stuff in his studio cabin.
This is what it looked like when Charlie was using the studio.
Charlie with a couple of soldiers, and Oma!
Oma and the Haight-Ashberry buffalo!
At the Great Falls High School Homecoming Parade, waiting for the flute section!
There is a hand carved Great Northern Carousel in Helena, /\/\onTana!  I think this one was custom made fo Oma!
Kirsten, Oma and Caitlin.
Caitlin is playing the ponies again...
Kirsten beside her favorite buffalo!
A moment to read the history of the attraction.
This must be Oma's second favorite  ride...
Whatever can they be talking about?
Another interestingly decorated animal...
Kirsten, Caitlin, Oma, and Leslee
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