Mom's photos, page 4
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
~The Easter visit, 2004~
Caitlin hanging out in that great chair!
Oma's protector, Rascal, guarding the 
vital food supply!
Watching as the feast comes together at Deyanne and Edward's!
Kirsten, Leslee and Caitlin
A little pre-dinner refreshment. 
Oma and Deyanne
Kirsten and the devil dog...
Another of Oma's many talents, minature Hawking!
Family comes to call.
Allan (Edward's brother), Oma, Deyanne (in the far background), and Leslee
Oma escorts the cheese-puff eating wonder to his limo.
Seeing him safely ensconced.
"I'm here, is it time to eat yet?"
"Okay, who ordered the sprinkles?"
"I have found my calling!  I will devote my life to covering the World in Krispie Kremes!"
"Oh darn.  It's just a dream..."
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