Mom's photos, page 6
(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
~Early Breitenfeldt and Still Years~
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 J.M. Still, down on the farm.
The School where Great-Gramma Miriam Breitenfeldt (Oma's Mom) taught. 
Great Gramma teaching sewing in Warren, Ohio
Great Gramma and Charles DeShaw (Bev, Oma's sister)'s fella, fishing.
Great Gramma's house in Wibaux, /\/\onTana!
Oma's Dad and Mom (Great Gramma)!
 Great Gramma as a Babe!
Great Gramma in the center, Mrs. J.M. Still to the left, Albert Still to the right (in the overalls?). 
Great Gramma on the piano.
Great Gramma in the Black Hills of South Dakota, in 1925.
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