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(Warning: large images...a big life to cover!)
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~10 May, 2004~
The Last Campfire (OK, not really...)
Oma's Infamous Totem Pole gets a new home!
"Hey, do I have do all the work?"
"No, I do!"
There is nothing like team work to make a job go smooth!
Sean and Ryan Barrow, movers extrordinaire!

(Photo by Dennis Barrow)

 Safely tied to a tree in Deyanne's Totem Garden.
Oma, Dennis and Edward.
Kirsten lights her fingers on fire, as Oma offers advice on how burning gasoline makes a great fingernail polish remover!
The feast to be...
"This is MY stick, Buster. 
Get your own!"
Denise Barrow
Dennis' boys engage in 
croquette madness!
Dennis, preparing more 
of the feast!
Discussing S'Mores.
Oma tries S'Mores stuffed with huckleberries!
Almost everyone gathers around the campfire ring.

Jungle Rules Bocchi Ball...
Denise, Deyanne and Kirsten.
What the excitement is about...
The campfire is burning nicely.
Top Row: Ryan, Kirsten, Sean, Mariah, Denise
Bottom Row: Tyra, Oma, Michael
To Be Added: Caitlin!
The same arraingment, adding Curtis and Deyanne to the ends of the Top Row, and Dennis to the Bottom Row.

(Photo by Edward Davies)

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