Mom's Columbia Falls, MT, Memorial Service, Page 1
(Warning: large images...for those who
couldn't make it!)
Mom's Columbia Falls, MT, Memorial, 30 October, 2004
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On 30 October, 2004, we had the /\/\onTana! memorial service in Columbia Falls.  Here the preparations for a little nosh begin.
This is one of the tables of memories.  If you click on it you will see a closeup.  The T Shirt is signed by friends of Oma; the first photo was of all the family gathered at Deyanne's right after Mom let us all know the news.  More photos, and the 8-Ball, for all who came to tell their fortune.  It sat by Mom's door for years.
Clicking on this table will result in a closeup, also.  Yellow roses (Mom got really, really yellow as she passed the predicted date of her demise), a gopher, photos of her hunting gophers, a favorite puzzle, Mom in a Can (do I have to explain this again?), Tilley hat, duct tape, her Mom and dad...
Another table to click on...Favorite friends, family and sheets for the memorial book...
OK, this is suppose to be the guy who built the hall we used for the service.  No connection to Mom other than she would have loved to have this carving in her garden!  It is about four feet tall.
The Great Falls connection: Caitlin, Curtis, Leslee, and Kirsten.
The Columbia Falls Barrow gang checking things out.
Deyanne wasn't able to make this service due to weather and exhaustion from trying to finish cleaning up Mom's house.
Ma and Pa (Joan and Dennis) setting things up.
The guests begin to arrive...
Colleen with some treasured moments...

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