Mom's Columbia Falls, MT, Memorial Service, Page 2
(Warning: large images...for those who
couldn't make it!)
Mom's Columbia Falls, MT, Memorial, 30 October, 2004
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Kathy and Colleen, together again!
Joan with Mom's best-est fishing buddy, Emma (81 years young and still going!)
Long time no see...

Another "click on it for detail" shot.  Can you find who is in it more than once?  At least two different people I that have found.
The crowd wasn't as thick as the first service, but the weather was bad and we couldn't 
say where it would be for the obituary.  A lot of folks I hadn't seen in quite a while 
showed up, even with all that against them.

Dennis, emcee of the proceedings.
The Gang of Five (minus one)...Colleen, Teri, Emma, and Kathy...
OK, I couldn't leave Deyanne's dog Buster out of things.  He is on the TV screen in the shot above.

The aftermath of the service and luncheon nosh...pretty good, too!

We even got the Ex (Dad) to show up!
All in all it was a nice memorial.  I hope you remember Mom fondly, and can do something important in your life.  Go fishing or something!

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