Mom's Trail, BC, Memorial
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Following Mom's service, Dennis and I decided to take off early, and to have one last long ride for the season.  Both of us have been through this area north of Trail to Revelstoke, east to Calgary, and then southwards to home, before.  It was a great, if somewhat crisp, ride.
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We left our Sister Deyanne's in the early evening.  It wasn't too cool, but we wanted to get on up the road before it got that way.
The Autumn colors running down the hill from Rossland, BC, to Trail, were marvelous.
The whole world took on a golden glow from the setting sun.  Mom loved this time of year, even though she wasn't a big biker...  >>grin<<
We rode North from Trail to Castlegar, then North on Route 6 to Nakusp.  This is along Lake Slocan.
While this route along Lake Slocan figures promenently in some of my other tales on these web pages, I have an as of yet unpublished photo of this bridge (in the daylight) wreathed in mist as the sun heats the road in the morning.  That was in 2002, on my first trip to Hyder, Alaska.

This is looking South from a rest area/overlook about ten miles South of New Denver, BC.

Looking North towards New Denver (the light on the shore).

The highway is high above the lake at this point.  It is a fantastic view and a wonderful ride (or drive for our four wheeled friends)!  We crossed Upper Arrow Lake on a ferry at Galena Bay north of Nakusp.  It is only a short ride on the ferry, but cool on an October evening.  The stars were out in full glory, and suddenly the heavens seemed to spin around us!  The ferry had left the landing so smoothly we hadn't felt it, and it was just making a turn.  Very spooky, all the same.

We met a couple of guys from Calgary on Harleys while waiting for the ferry.  They knew of a nice hotel in Revelstoke.  By the next morning it was light enough to take photos again.

Revelstoke in the morning.

This is Glacier, in Glacier National Park, BC.  Dennis ended up crossing two Glacier National Parks this day.  The tempurature was 31F near here.

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