Mom's Trail, BC, Memorial
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Following Mom's service, Dennis and I decided to take off early, and to have one last long ride for the season.  Both of us have been through this area north of Trail to Revelstoke, then east to Calgary, and southwards to home.  It was a great, if somewhat crisp, ride.  This is Page 2.
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East of Golden we found a wonderful little rest area for a much needed pit stop.  Too much coffee and too much traffic!
Yoho National Park, BC.
Approaching Field, Yoho National Park.
Just North of Banff, Alberta, Banff National Park.
Slash burning near Canmore, Alberta, just out of Banff National Park.

I went through four National Parks this day: Revelstoke, Glacier, Yoho, and Banff.  Dennis hit five with the US Glacier National Park.
My friendly, ever faithful, follower.

Calloway Amusement Park outside of Calgary.  The roller coaster was running!  It was about 55F near Banff, and we had decided to head to Calgary and south to avoid the cold.  It was about 35F in Calgary, and damp.  A bad decision.  We stopped at Tim Horton's for soup and an sandwich. 
Oh so good!

Dennis and I split up at Fort Macleod, just West of Lethbridge, Alberta.  He ran down to /\/\onTana! and crossed over Logan Pass on the Going To The Sun Highway.  I went over to Lethbridge and down to Sweet Grass, /\/\onTana! and took Interstate 15 home to Great Falls.  All in all, a good, way to end a somewhat sad weekend.

Sunset in Alberta.
What the well dressed long- distance Goldwing is wearing this Fall!

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