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(Warning: large images...for those who
couldn't make it!)
Mom's Trail, BC, Memorial, 2 October, 2004
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Dennis and I met in St. Regis, /\/\onTana! to ride north to Mom's memorial service in Trail, BC.  It was a good ride, but too much traffic, as usual.
We stopped at a place called Park Rapids, on Washington State Route 20, East of Colville, WA.  A scenic spot on a great riding road...lots of nice curves, and it seems to be a bit of an old fashioned resort area, too!
The Falls at the scenic turnout.
As the sun set.
The next morning at Sister Deyanne's.
The service was held at the Trail BC, Royal Canadian Legion Hall.  Mom was a member.
Preparing the table of memories.
This is the table of memories.  If you click on it you will see a close-up of the things on it.  Maybe you will even see yourself there!!!
Bob Fletcher is the Funeral Director for the Trail Legion.  He did a bangup job!

Of course, he had Mariah to keep him straight...

Edward helps Betty Cooper sign the Memorial Book, as Betty's son Kendall, Alice and their daughter look on.
Bob gives the formal part of the Memorial.
Dennis reads some memories from our sister Deyanne, and adds some of his own.

I gave some of mine, but I don't have a photo of me...hmmm...

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