Mom's Trail Memorial
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(Warning: large images...for those who
couldn't make it!)
Mom's Trail, BC, Memorial, 2 October, 2004
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While I was relating my memories, I did take a few photos... click on the photo to see a close-up panarama of the guests!
Mariah asked to read Mom's thoughts in her announcement to friends and family that the end was near.  You can hear and see part of Mariah's presentation by clicking on the link below.

This .avi clip is 7 meg in size and is not 
recommended for dialup user unless you 
have time to wait!
Mariah's Presentation of Mom's Thoughts
Bob reads about Mom.  That is Mom In A Can  he is touching, next to Mom's Tilley Hat and favorite pool photo.  At least a third of her...when she was cremated Mom wanted us each to get one thrid of the ashes and spread them in some of her favorite spots in BC and /\/\onTana!  She had them put into Animal Cracker tins, and we sealed them with, of course, duct tape!

The Ladies of the Legion put on the food!

Open pool tables meant someone in the family was going to play.
And play some more.
Outside Mom's house after the service.
And more.
This was a lovely arrangement that Charlie and Betty Cooper sent, but the flower store delivered it to the wrong Legion Hall.  We had to go pick it up afterwards.  Mom and Great Gramma both would love this one!
Curtis, Deyanne and Dennis.

 The Road Home
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