The 1 - 2 May, 1999 Trip

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Chouteau, Liberty, Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Roosevelt, Daniels, Sheridan, Richland, Dawson, Wibaux, Fallon, Carter, Prairie, McCone, Garfield, Petroleum and Fergus Counties!
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One dull, dreary and rainy morning in May (the First!) I left home to photograph more County Courthouses.  It was cold enough that I was concerned about ice on US 87 North as I left Great Falls, and it was starting to rain by the time I got to Fort Benton, Choteau County, Montana.
(45 miles)
The rain let up as I headed north on on State 223.  The fog moved in. 
In Chester (Home to 806 really nice people and One old sorehead) stands the Liberty County Courthouse.  It was raining again.  This was turning out to be a not-so fun trip.  It was still cold, too.  I took US Hwy 2 east out of town to...
...Havre.  At the Hill County Courthouse in Havre, I had to decide:  I could be home and warm in two hours, and I wouldn't have to backtrack (much) when I continued the trip, or...
(158 miles)
...or I could give it a little bit further.  I decided if the sun was out in Chinook, Blaine County, I would go on.  And so it was!
(180 miles)
Malta, Montana, lies at the heart of Phillips County.
(246 miles)
When I reached Glasgow, Valley County, it was warming up!
(296 miles)
By the time I got to Wolf Point, Roosevelt County, it was 92 degrees...and I still had my longjohns on under my leathers...It wasn't bad on the road, but riding around in town on a water cooled bike wasn't pleasant!
(370 miles)

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