The 1 - 2 May, 1999 Trip

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The courthouse for McCone County, Circle, Montana, is in the middle of town.  In all of the years I have been going through Circle, I have never seen it before!
(1039 miles)
I rolled into Jordan, infamous home of the "Freemen", confident I could get my photo and go...but the Sheriff's Office and Courthouse were an empty lot.  It had burned down a year before.  Residents assured me that this former hospital/rest home, is now the Garfield County Courthouse.
(1105 miles)
Winnett is another small town that is a county seat.  Here is the Petroleum County Courthouse.
(1181 miles)
The last county on this ride is Fergus County, in Lewistown.  It clouded up and started to rain again.  It was really nice in the sun while it lasted!
(1235 miles)
Home at last, to the relief of my wife!  No picture; Cascade County here in Great Falls is the last one I will get, presuming I don't lose anymore photos!
(1340 miles)

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