The 1 - 2 May, 1999 Trip

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From Wolf Point I rode north on State 13 to Daniels County, Scobey (sk-OH-bee, not sk-EEWW-bee), Montana.  It is a narrow but well maintained winding road.  A somewhat plain but well marked courthouse awaited me.
(424 miles)
This is looking north towards Canada along the main drag of Scobey.
Riding East on State 5, I passed these prairie skyscrapers in Flaxville.
I connected up with State 16 South in Plentywood, Sheridan County.
(470 miles)
It was about an hour before sundown when I reached Sidney in Richland county.  It was finally starting to cool off!
(601 miles)
As the sun set in Glendive, Dawson County, I found a motel downtown, just across the alley from the courthouse!  BTW, I was born in Glendive.
(692 miles)

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