My Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
8 May, 2004
St. Cloud, MN, to Springfield, OH

Day 2 started out...late.  I had slept in, and couldn't get moving.  These Iron Butt runs require you to get traveling!  So Plan two was to go for a Bun Burner 1500 (BB1500)... 1500 miles in 36 hours.  I never did get into the right frame of mind.

I stopped briefly at the first rest area in Illinois.  A nice passer-by took my photo.

As the day rolled on, I passed these, the Mountains of Illinois!

I think I was a bit delirious at that point.

Here he is again!

More wind power!  I thought Illinois was pretty tame wind-wise
compared to North Dakota, but these were good to see. 
Five weeks later* I saw a truck with two blades on it a windmill.  You just don't get any idea of the size of them when you just pass on by the towers. 

*Enroute to the Alberta 2000 Rally.

Sunset struck as I was heading east near the Indiana border.  I missed doing the BB1500 by less than 20 minutes.  If I had only gotten up a few minutes earlier, or run a little faster, or shortened lunch, just wasn't in the cards for me on the first half of the trip.  Two down.

Since I had missed the SS2K and the BB1500, there wasn't much reason to run into Pittsburgh during the night.  I stopped in Springfield, OH.  It took a while to find a room, and then it was a smoking room.  There was a bowling convention in town...
830 miles, with a high of 37.1 mpg and a low of 31.4 mpg.

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