My Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
(16 &17 May, 2004)
or how I screwed up twice and still made it!

The Start

The agency I work for (a little know governmental three letter organization that is importanat mainly in it's own mind, it seems) decided recently to merge with another three letter outfit that believes high tech stopped in the mid-1980's...they have a "stable" DOS Main Frame computer.

So I had to go to Pittsburgh, PA, to get trained on this monolithic system.  Because I object to flying whenever I can, I got to ride to Pittsburgh on my 1995 GoldWing!

I started planning this trip months before I got word of when I was to go.  Since it is just over 1800 miles, and it had been several years since I had made a certified Iron Butt run, I decided I could make this into a SaddleSore 2000; 2,000 miles in two days.  With a little juggling I could make it into an SS2K each way, and not ride the same highways!

(Ahhh, the dreams of the innocent!)

Fortunately I did plan on a day's buffer on each end of the training in case I was, ummm, delayed.  You may proceed by clicking on 7 May 04 below.

The actual SS2K starts on 16 May 04.

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