My Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
16 May, 2004 ~ The start, again
The third time is the charm, I hope...another Iron butt attempt...

At Oh Dark 30 (or about 0504am EST) I got my witness sheet signed at the Days Inn in Abington, VA, by the nice young desk clerk, who thought I was a bit loonie, to be sure (who doesn't anymore?).  I promptly ran out to the bike, hopped aboard, plugged in, and went for gas. 

Abingdon, VA, 0519 EDT,
23,144 miles.

Then I realized I hadn't checked my tire pressure, which I had planned to do.  It was low, and I found out the gas station didn't have an air pump.  So off to find a working pump, and the fastest tire pump job I have ever done.

Then west down the road I go.  In the fog.  Kind of pretty, actually!  And the sun was coming up, too!

I caught some of these over my shoulder as I rode.  This one caught the truck perfectly.

Eventually I found a new experience.  My first Waffle House (Knoxville,TN)!  We don't have these in /\/\onTana! ...yet... It wasn't bad, and it was rather fast for a real breakfast. 

Knoxville, TN, 0715-0745 EDT,
23,268 miles.

Then it was back on the road.  Turn north at Nashville...

Lebannon, TN, 0927 EDT, 
23,439 miles.

Along the way I saw Flower Power in action, a fully flowered-out VW Bug.  It looked pretty good!

Pretty soon it was time to turn west to Saint Louis, MO, and points west.  The roads were good and the traffic was light, by eastern standards.  I wanted a photo of the arch from below, and the highway goes right behind it, but in a ditch cut in the ground.  I didn't see a thing.

Lake St. Louis, MO, 1641 CDT,
23,795 miles.

It was on this straight shot across Missouri that I first started listening to Audio Books, Clive Cussler's Atlantis Found, to be precise.  They sure do make the miles go by fast!  Soon it was sunset and I was approaching Kansas City and the turn north.

Oak Grove, MO, 1944-2010 CDT, 23,979 miles.

I took five minutes at a rest area to call home and let the family know I was OK.  At this point I was maybe 30 to 45 minutes south of Council Bluff, IA.  The night was warm, the sky was clear, the road was good.  While Council Bluff was my goal for the night, I thought I might just keep going.  It was a great night to ride!

The torential downpour, bad road and light eating darkness over the next hill made me happy to make it to Council Bluff.

2352 CDT, Council Bluff, IA,
24,188 miles.

1044 miles, 38.2 and 34.7 mpg.  The first half of my SS1K is over...

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