Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
10-14 May, 2004
Pittsburg, PA

This is Pittsburgh, PA.  Actually a nice looking city with an incredible traffic problem.
There aren't nearly enough lanes, and nowhere to put more...
The area on this side of the river is now Station Square, all shops, hotels,
restaurants,and the like.  It used to be steel mills.  The top of the inclined railway (below),
is to the right.  The tall building behind the red brick one at the bottom left of the panarama
is the Sheraton hotel, where we stayed.  Pretty nice, but expensive!
This is where one of the streets runs into the mountain, just as it comes off of a bridge.  This one is interesting in that it is for busses only!

This is what Mt. Washington looks like from the bottom.  Not very significant by /\/\onTana! standards, but I didn't object to taking the inclined railway to the top.  Of course, I had already been up there when I was on my wild 
ride around Pittsburgh!

This is a car coming down, while we were going up.  There are restaurants and clubs up top, and apparently a lot of people either park at the bottom and ride these up to them, or walk across the bridges, or take the light rail commuter system to get to the bottom.  Of course, there are a lot of homes and apartments on the top, and they come down the inclined railway before they walk over the river to work.

This is the view from on top, as is the panarama at the top of the page.

This is the Monongahela River.  Behind the buildings on the left 
is the Allegheny River.  Just beyond the bridge on the far left of the panarama they join to form the Ohio River.

Coming from the West, it is interesting to see the places and things that help make our country before european settlers ever even saw /\/\onTana!

This is my high school buddy Doug and his two children.  They are an energetic pair of ankle biters, but pretty good kids.  They have to be.  A couple of weeks after this photo his lovely wife (who declined to be photographed because she was expecting and ready to pop!) gave birth to their little sister.  Doug bravely had me over for dinner with his family one night while I was in town.  It was fun!

Doug and I went through Boy Scouts and High School together, and we had some really good times.

None of which we will admit to because the statute of limitations doesn't apply to everything...

BTW, his Dad rides a GoldWing!

OK, this is class photo I took.  Of course, since I took it, I am not in it, but my seat was, front row on your left!  (Getting everyone to put those black bars over thier faces wasn't easy, believe me!)

No riding, no mpg.
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