My Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
15 May, 2004

One quick night at my Wife's sister and brother-in-law's house in Maryland, then it is off to Virginia!

(She didn't want to be identified... something about 
not being dressed yet, I don't know...)

This is on White's Ferry from Leesburg, Va. to Poolesville, Md.  It was a nice ride down tree-arched lanes.  All over the area are signs bearing information on various battles of the War Between the States.  It was an education in US History just riding down the road.

After traveling half the length of Virginia, I left the Interstate and drifted down the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while.  It is a great ride with beautiful views.  Not too fast, but lots of curves!

An interest of mine outside of motorcycles is collecting Argus Cameras.

This was the the 3rd annual meeting of collectors, in Martinsville, VA, and I actually got to attend, even if only for a couple of hours.  There were cameras and company history galore!
You have to look close at these cameras.  The minature ones are the full size cameras; the larger ones are 12" to 18" mockups meant for advertising displays at retail outlets!  These are on display from the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI.
Have an old Argus collecting dust?  Dig it out and join us on Argust Day on Argust 4th!

On the left is the camera my folks had as I was growing up. 
On the right is my favorite, the C4.  And the Giants, of course!

Between Martinsville and Hillsville, VA, lies Lover's Leap.  Pretty curvy road, and I'd hate to miss this turn.

The last 25 minutes into Abington, VA, were in a rain storm.  Everything good you ever heard
about Gore-Tex is true.  Not a drop got through to me inside of my Aerostitch Darien!
396 miles, 39.2 and 35.0 mpg.  Amazing what happens when you aren't in a hurry.
Well, that will stop soon enough...

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