My Adventures in SaddleSore 2000 Land
17 May, 2004
So far, so good, but can I keep on going?

Morning brought a clearer sky, and no rain.  I rode north before the sun was up.

0611 CDT, Council Bluff, IA,
24189 miles. 

(I got a gas receipt, drove down the block to the motel, got up in the morning and drove back to the same gas pump.  That is the mile discrepancy.)

At Sioux Falls, SD, I turned west again.  It was grey.  It was grey across the whole damn state.  It didn't rain; it was just grey.  A little cool, too.

0901-0930 CDT, Lennox, SD,
24374 miles.

(It wasn't really a breakfast break; there was a line for the restroom, and leaving was not an option...)

This was just weird.  Out in the middle of South Dakota.  The head is several stories tall.  Reminds me of the future in the first H.G. Wells Time Machine movie...

A quick stop at a rest area.  Did I mention it was grey?

Towards the western end of the state is Wall, with it's accompanying Dinosaur.  If you have never been there, Wall is the place to visit in South Dakota.

This is where I dropped my digital camera and partly broke the battery door.  Thanks Heaven for duct tape!

The claim to fame in town is Wall Drug, a giant indoor display of the world's finest kitsch.  And some other stuff.  Wall Drug is famous around the world.

Oh yeah, they have free ice water, too!

Wall, SD, 1302-1415 MDT,
24,651 miles.

Even when I got to the Black Hills it was grey.

1608 MDT, Belle Fourche, SD,
24,761 miles.

Home at last.  300+ miles still to go, but Home at last.

This is near Broadus, MT.  There is a very nice rest area there.  I put on sweat pants under my Aerostitch pants, and my electric vest under my jacket.  With the first clear sky of the day (right at the border of the state!) it was fixing to get cold.  It did cool off a bit!  This is the last photo.  The camera wasn't working well (it turned out to be the operator) and I was in a hurry.

1630-1659 MDT, Broadus, MT,
24,857 miles.

2048 MDT, Billings, MT, 25020 miles.
2339 MDT, Eddie's Corner (Moore), MT, 25,151 miles.
0117 MDT, 18 May 04, Great Falls, MT, 25235 miles. 
(I was slowing down...!  I was also looking for deer.)

total: 2,091 miles (2,113 corrected by the IBA), 45 hours and 58 Minutes.

SS2K Accomplished!

1046 miles (you can't plan a halfway point closer than that!!!), 38.2 mpg (late at night and
slowed for the deer) and 26.0 mpg fighting the wind across South Dakota.

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